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These injectables contain a neurotoxin when injected appropriately can lead to temporary muscle paralysis. These injectables are injected below the skin to treat facial folds or wrinkles that are a result of repetitive muscle contractions seen with facial expressions. By its nature, these treatment modalities are temporary.  

With such injections, there is no downtime at all.   

With all injectables, those with neuromuscular disorders such as myasthenia gravis, ALS, lambert- eaton syndrome would be at increased risk for severe complications.  Those who are pregnant or nursing are also advised against having these procedures. 

Generally speaking, injectables are used to relax the muscle between the eyebrows, upper forehead (the frown lines), and crow’s feet.

Typical Side effects include:  headaches, minor pain, swelling around the injection sites. 


Like Xeomin, and Dysport, it is used to treat lines and folds that result from repetitive muscle contractions seen with facial expressions. They are all a temporary measure can last a few months depending on the person.  

It takes 2 weeks to start seeing changes.


The main difference between xeomin and Botox, is that Xeomin is a naked form of botulinum toxin.  It does not contain accessory proteins like Botox.  It is designed to deliver the toxin without protein additives, hence the term “naked” form of botulinum.   And because of this added benefit, some clients have less side effects with it. 


Dysport is an alternative injectable. The chemical name for Dysport is abobotulinum toxin type A.  

It takes 1 week after injections to start seeing improvements. 


  • Do not touch or massage the injected sites, as it can move the toxin to another region of the face where it was not intended. 

  • Avoid exercise or strenuous work for at least 24 hours, the added movement and sweating can displace the injected toxin. 

  • Avoid alcohol, sun exposure and even tanning for at least 24 hours as they can cause bruising.

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